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Is This the Teacher Abuse Hotline?

Back to school is coming up next week. Which means, we had mandatory Zoom training this week. Which means I had a series of small heart attacks and several rage induced blackouts before lunch. For about 5 minutes I thought there was a Public School Teacher Abuse Hotline and I had a lot of calls to make. Hello, 111? Calls for Help from a Public School Teacher. All this is real but it’s really to say THANK YOU to donors of Make Our Day because without you, I would not teach in a public school.

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You Did This….and I’m So Grateful

Guys……I don’t have to tell you that this year has been a weird ride. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our food program during the pandemic. This is where your money is going to. What’s our goal through the COVID-19 pandemic? To provide 52 families with groceries every week at a cost of $10 per family per week. ($2,800 a month fundraising goal) This is the goal of the school based on the families who attended last year. Because of you, Make Our Day was able to cover 10% of that cost in

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What I’d tell my students about COVID if they were here right now……

As all my students know, I am not a philosopher. Class discussions about real life trauma are not a thought experiment in which I remain clinically indifferent. I will cry. I will get angry. But then…..I will do something about it. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do the right thing because that is subjective but they know for damn sure that doing nothing is not an option I care to entertain. This is one of those times. If you were in my class I would tell you that we are going to bypass the option

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Love in the Time of Corona

A few words that packed a big punch. I work abroad as a teacher and we are weeks away from the only one month break we have a year. Everyone in our office has saved all year. Trips are booked and paid for. Everyone is looking forward to seeing their families, attending weddings, and basically storing up enough energy to teach another school year. We collectively dispel all of our anger, fear, and anxieties into one big ball of “You’ve got to be

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3 Common Fears That Keep Us From Humanitarian Activism And How To Push Past Them

More than ever, we believe that as individuals we should be able to mold the empathy we feel for our hurting world into action. However, as we start to think about what that action might look like, we also begin to doubt our ability to make an impact. Questions start to arise like; What can I possibly do to bring hope to another family when I feel a sense of insecurity about my own family’s future?

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3 Tips for Teaching Abroad as a Westerner.

Before I left the U.S. for Thailand, the pictures I saw of students seemed familiar—little munchkins in uniforms, lined up with backpacks to salute the flag in the morning. Same same, right? But my first day in a Thai classroom clued me in to just how different this educational experience would be for me. For one, the chaos and frenzy was overwhelming. Nobody had supplies of their own—pencils, erasers, chairs, even desks were shared. As I tried to assist the class, kids were constantly getting

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Why the Hell Not

Let’s start with full disclosure on how this article came to life. I didn’t know if was International Women’s Day yesterday until I saw the hash tag on Instagram and even then my only thought was, oh great, we get a day on social media…….so does fro-yo (a sensitive subject with me at the moment). As is the basic design of Instagram, I consumed it and forgot it seconds later. Hash tag something about being bold. Then I went on a 5 hour coffee and beer tasting tour in New Zealand because as a wom

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Why Budgeting a Little for Charity Really Pays

Never underestimate the impact that a charitable donation can make. Let me tell you about one couple who donated to my organization (Make Our Day, a nonprofit that supports education and activities for children from low-income housing in Phuket, Thailand) and tried to shortchange their own contribution. When I originally approached the pair about a $30 monthly donation, they weren’t sure about making that kind of steady commitment. They still sent $30 along, saying they knew it wasn’t much, bu

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Why Millennials Leave their countries & Seek volunteer work Abroad.

In fact, 84 percent of millennials said they would travel abroad to participate in volunteer activities. I thought I’d be teaching English after getting my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification. Instead, I found myself leading a lesson called, “The Pros and Cons of Keeping Wild Animals as Pets.” Obviously, this topic was a bit outside of my area of expertise, but it didn’t sour me on the choice I made. It’s natural to see a charitable trip as an undertaking volunteers do

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The Gift No One Else Can Give: 4 Ways to Cultivate our Cause.

It was a tough concept to wrap my head around, but it was one my Thai co-worker, Sriprae, helped me understand. “It’s because Thai people don’t want to answer a question unless they’re sure they are right,” she finally explained. “It’s better to say nothing than speak up and be wrong.” “But that’s ridiculous, Sriprae,” I protested. “So many of the most important questions don’t have right or wrong answers! What about problem-solving or creativity? Not everything can be right or wrong!” Two ye

5 Can’t Miss Irvine Markets

With an assortment of flea markets and farmers' markets, Irvine is a one-stop shop for people looking for fresh produce and a wide range of goods. The farmers' markets serve as venues to taste Irvine's culinary culture, while the flea markets allow visitors to indulge in Irvine's arts and culture. Here are some of the best farmers' and flea markets in Irvine: As one of the largest in Orange County, the Irvine Farmers' Market at Mariner's Church offers everything from whole wheat products a

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25 Things to Do in Deep Ellum, Besides Barhop | I Live In Dallas

Deep Ellum is a bustling neighborhood known for its vibrant nightlife. Nestled in central Dallas, the neighborhood shot to fame as the hotbed for jazz musicians in the 1920’s. With a lively music scene, eye-popping street art, and renowned galleries, Deep Ellum has developed its own distinct identity. Whether you're an art connoisseur, a shopaholic, a die-hard foodie, or a committed metalhead, there's something for everyone. Here’s a list of some super-fun things to do in Deep Ellum: Pay homage

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7 Can't Miss Markets in San Jose - San Jose, CA

San Jose has a proud and vibrant culture that emphasizes artistry and hard work, so it's only natural that the city hosts so many great markets and other retail events. From local farmers who grow crops in the rich soil of the valley, to the artists who call the city home, the creative residents of the area are the reason these seven choices are some of the best markets in San Jose: Support local businesses and designers who manufacture their own products by shopping at the free San Jose MADE.

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Say ‘Goodbye’ to the Status Quo and ‘Hello’ to Living Authentically

Volunteers come to the school where I work in Thailand nearly every weekend. They stop by and play the same games, give out the same prizes, and take hundreds of self-promoting photos showing how their organizations affect the kids. One Saturday, I watched the somber kids walking around slowly for another routine game of musical chairs. “Win,” the student who won musical chairs that day, received a paint set. But, instead of taking pictures with the eager volunteers, he set the paint set down a

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5 Trippy Glow-in-the-Dark Cocktails

Amp up your party with wow-worthy cocktails that set the stage for an awesome night. Delicious day-glo drinks make a striking impression when the lights go down and the black lights come on. Cocktails that glow in the dark boost the party vibe and can be surprisingly simple to create. The magical incandescent ingredients are actually harmless mixers that are unexpectedly easy to get your hands on. Check out these examples of luscious, luminous drinks. Take your your next party from ho-hum to ha

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The Bubble Run: Having Good, Clean Fun ... Literally!

You can choose to pick up the packet on the day of the fun run, but you will have to pay a $5 fee. Kids who participate for free will not receive a packet, but a kid’s pack may be purchased at $20. You can wear anything you like, but you’ll have the most fun with an all­white outfit. Having patches of color on your clothes from the colored foam will earn you some swag. Because you will be running through a blizzard of foam, you’re advised to wear a pair of sunglasses to prevent the bubbles from

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5 Elaborate Cocktails You Won't Believe Exist

Over the past few years, craft cocktails have been sweeping the planet. Speakeasies are popping up all over the world, exploring the spirit-celebrating simplicity of classic drinks. But a new trend has also started to emerge in certain bars—a trend featuring extravagant libations that make you wonder: Are these drinks meant to please Instagram more than your palate? Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago has the over-the-top tiki-aesthetic down pat. This boozy pirate's booty is served in a treasure

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